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Jozef Heyns
DJ2JH alias ON6ET
Born in Lille (Belgium) at 24-07-1938.
Licensed as ON6ET in 1974.
Operating as a serving member of the Belgian Armed Forces in Germany was allocated the special call DA2JH.
On retirement from the Army in 1994 his German call was changed to D J 2 J H
From being first licensed in 1974 until january 2006 make 37000 QSO's. One third of there being in CW. Has been active in : Italy-Yugoslavia-Spain-Portugal-France-Belgium and The Netherlands.
Took part in the DX-expedition to Bozcaada Island with the call
YM0S (AS099) from  09-05-1999  to  13-05-1999

A c t i v i t i e s


Participants on this DXpedition were: Tony ON6KT + Jos ON6ET Volkan TA2IV + Serdar TA0S Hermann DL4DN, Peter DL6BK, Norbert DG1NPM. More DXpeditions are planed . (It's going to be BOSCAADA island again). DARC Ortsverband Lüdenscheid O-14

Bozcaada is situated on the northern part of Turkey at the entrance to the Sea of Marmora (about 100 Km north of the Greek Island of Lesbos). There are about 2500 inhabitands who make a living from growing wine, green vegetables and olives. They also go fishing and almost every day we saw a couple of small boats setting out from the harbour for the fishing grounds.The island is about 9 Km long by 4 Km wide and its highest point is about 193 mtrs above sealevel.The main landmark of the island is the fortified castle near the harbour. This restored building bears witness to its historical importance over the centuries when it has been accupied alternatly by Greece and Turkey.Because of its unique flora and fauna a large part of the island is classified as a nature reserve and is closed to meat visitors. Our night-flight from Düsseldorf took off with much baggage including an IC706, an IC706MK2, a TS50 with AT50, a G5RV antenna, a 2 mtrs loop antenna, two switching modes power supplies, quantities of co-axial cable, a portable mast and other essentials. We had no problems with our equipment as we had declared absolutely everything to the customs.

The next day we set-up the radio-station and got this done at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Then we started our first CQ on 14.260 Mhz and got a big pile-up within a minute . Their were mostly Europeans calling us at that time of the day and an “outside EU” call was needed to get the frequency clear for DX. During the next 30 minutes we worked 32 Japanese stations, many North- and South-American stations, and even some stations in South Korea. Nice to mention is the contact we had with DJ3FK from the cockpit of his plane on the runway at Düsseldorf-airport.

The next days we worked about 3000 stations all together. Each of us must work a minimum of 500 stations. This may be not much for a good DX-operator but it was far more than enough for us since we came not only to do the radio-work, but also to do some sightseeing (e.g. Troja). As our return-flight started sooner, we had to return earlier then we had planed. That’s also why our visit to Istanbul was rather short.

DL0LC Amateur Radio Club Luedenscheid O14.
This club has been active for 50 years with about 45 members at any one time.The club delegate to the DARC is at present Norbert Patent DG1NPM from Meinerzhagen. Club meetings are held every monday at 7.00 PM in the "Haus der Vereine" Sauerfeld (Lüdenscheid)


Any bay of the island.

After the three hour flight we arrived at Istanbul Airport where we were warmly welcomed by Serdar's mother and his uncle Volkan. Everything had been organised, including transport for the 380 Km drive to the northern part of the Sea Marmora and eventually at about 10 in the morning we were on the ferry bound for Bozcaada. Tired, weary and lacking sleep we finally arrived at the little landing stage on the island where our spirit was revived and our tiredness vanished.

Never-the-less we had a good time there. Our special thanks goes to Serdar’s mother for she took good care of us the whole time. Back home the many QSL-cards had to be filled-out and in order to spread the work, each of us had to handle his own contacts. So I sent-out a QSL-card for every contact I made to provide 100% of QSL-confirmation.

Amateurfunk QSL-Karte

Spanish meeting
From Monday to Friday, 12.30hr to 13:30hr Frecuency 14242Khz.
If you speak spanish thann you'r warmly welcome.


¿Hablas el español?
Venga a nuestra rueda.

QRG = your exact frequency is
QRH = your frequency vary
QRI = The tone of your transmission is... 1. good 2. varable 3. bad
QRK = The intelligible is 1. bad 2. faulty 3. sufficient 4. good 5. exellent
QRL = I am busy please do not disturb
QRM = I have disturbance, 1. nothing 2. weak 3. sober 4 strong 5. very strong
QRN =I have disturbance influence athmophere. 1. nothing 2. weak 3. sober 4. strong 5. very strong
QRO = increase power
QRP = reduce power
QRS = send slower(WPM)
QRQ = send faster(WPM)
QRT = Stop the transmission
QRU = I have no more
QRV = I am ready
QRX = I will call you again at..hour..Kc
QRZ = You are calling ..Kc
QSA = readability of your sign is 1. hardly 2. weak 3. rather good 4 good 5. very good
QSB = strenght of ur signal is unstable
QSD = your transmission is faulty
QSK = i hear you between my signal; you may break-in
QSL = I confirm
QSO = I can handling immediate ... with ....
QSP = I will make over to...
QSV = send a serie V on this frequentie
QSY = go to send on a other frequentie
QTC = I have messages for you
QTH = my standing-place is...longitude...latitude or an other locator system
QTR = it's exactly...hour

Amateurfunk Landeskenner
(z.B. DJ 2 JH = Germany)
AP = Pakistan
BY = China
CE = Chile
CN = Marocco
CT = Portugal
EA-EB-EC-ED = Spain
EI = Ireland
ET = Ethiopia
G = England
HA = Hungary
HV = Vatican
JA = Japan
JY = Jordan
LA = Norway
LU = Argentina
LX = Luxembourg
LZ = Bulgaria
OA = Peru
OE = Austria
OH = Finland
OK = Tschechei
ON = Belgium
OZ = Denemark
PA-PE-PD = Nederland
PY = Brazil
SM = Sweden
SP = Poland
ST = Sudan
SU = Egypt
SV =Greece
TA = Turkey
TF = Iceland
VE = Canada
VK = Australia
VU = India
XE = Mexico
YO = Romania
YV = Venezuela
ZL = New Zealand
ZS = South Africa
If you use more information please download this pdf-format.



abt =about
afsk=audio frequency shift keying
agc =automatic gain control
agn =again
alc =automatic level control
am =amplitude modulation
ar =trafic end
artob=amateur radion translater on baloon
as =a second
atv =amateur television
avc =automatic volume control
bci =broadcast interference
bd =bad
bfo =beat frequency oscillator
bk =break-in
bpm =characters by minute
bug =semi-automatic key
cfm =confirm
cl =closing
cq =general call
ct =commence trafic
cuagn=call you again
cul =call you later
cw =continual wave(telegraphie)
de =from
DE =SWL (Germany)
dk =thanks (Germany)
dr =dear
dx =long distance
es =es
fb =fine bisiness
fer =for
fm =frequency modulation
fsk =frequency shift keying
frd =friend
ga =go ahead
ga =good evening
gb =good-bye
gd =good
gl =good luck
gld =glad
gm =good morning
gn =good night
ham =ham
hi =laugh
hpe =hope
hrd =heard
hr =here
hw? =how?
IARU=International Amateur
            Radio Union
irc=international reply coupon
ITU=intern.Telegraph Union
k =come
ka =commence trafic
kn =go only...
lbr =friend (germany)
log =log book
lw =long wire
mni =many
nil =nothing
nr =near
nw =now
ob =old boy
om =old man
oscar=orbital satelite carrying amateur radio
pse =please
pwr =power
r =roger
rpt =repeat
RTTY=radio teletype
sk =commence end
sked =agreement
sri =sorry
SSTV=slow-scan television
swl =short wave listener
tks =thanks
ufb =ultra fibe business
ur = your
utc =universal time coordinated
vl =many (Germany)
vy =very
wkd =worked
wpm =characters by minute
wx =weather
xyl =ex young lady
yl =young lady
55 =many results
73 =best regards
88 =love and kisses
99 =vanish